3-Ten Carbine
The Model AR-3Ten Carbine provides elite military personnel and police officers with a single weapon platform combining the capabilities of a hard hitting rifle to 500 yards' range, combat shotgun, and sound suppressed fire utility; with extremely low recoil, corrosion proof construction, and lubrication free operation; all in a short "subgun" sized unicaliber design.
The AR-3Ten Assault Carbine is a lightweight, air cooled, recoil operated, magazine fed, shoulder fired weapon.   Use of superior materials make the weapon nearly indestructible.

Weight, unloaded                                                    8.6 lbs
overall length                                                            29 inches
maximum effective range (ball ammunition)         300 meters
chambering                                                               .45 Winchester Magnum

Bulleted Shotshell
.45 Win Mag Performance
Air Defense
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